Learn From the Past, Lead Into the Future

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on History and Context (CACHC) is charged with recommending campus sites, including monuments, buildings, and street names, that should be contextualized to better explain the environments in which they were created or named and how those environments compare to our core institutional values. The committee will engage in a transparent and inclusive process that aligns with the UM Creed. The committee will employ a variety of methods to ensure broad community input, including the addition of ad hoc expertise as needed on a project-by-project basis, and will keep the community informed of the status of projects under consideration.

The CACHC will recommend to the Chancellor:

  • Campus sites to be contextualized, and
  • Content and format for contextualization of designated sites.

Contextualization of the Confederate Statue at Lyceum Circle began last year, and the four-person committee charged with completing that project recently submitted revised plaque language that was accepted by the Chancellor. The status of the Confederate Statue contextualization is detailed under Status of Projects. Going forward, the CACHC will examine all other sites for potential contextualization (including, for example, Vardaman Hall, Johnson Commons, and Lamar Hall) and will provide a single comprehensive report of recommended contextualization projects.